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SafeTea - our premium blend of organic compost tea

Our plant health care is different because of our living soil amendment.

We put life back in the soil…

Our proprietary blends of liquid compost extract contain high concentrations of the beneficial microbes that live in the soil and work synergistically with plants. Most people don't know its actually these guys that do the heavy lifting to supply nutrients from the soil in a plant available form. Landscapes and the plants growing in them vary widely. As such we fine tune our recipes and program components to match the unique requirements of the soil and plants in your landscape.

We combine our knowledge of horticulture, soil science, and natural organic systems to bring your landscape into balance.
When a soil's chemistry and biology are in balance, there's no need for harsh chemical fertilizers because the nutrients are readily available. Over time you'll find there is no need for any pesticides as healthy plants don't attract pests. They have strong immune systems to overcome common ailments affecting plants in weak soils or subject to adverse growing conditions.

With an understanding of the plants interdependent relationship with the soil and the role of the living organisms that make up The Soil Foodweb, our trained and certified specialists take into account factors like the growing conditions, soil biology and chemistry, cultural aspects like mowing and irrigation, and even plant species to ensure you get the best results.

We adhere to the "Organic Land Care Standards" set forth by NOFA, The Northeast Organic Farming Association.

For more information on the benefits of choosing organic land care, read
“The Seven Biggest Benefits of an Organic Landscape”.

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