Lawn Care Programs
& Related Services

Soil Testing & Analysis

Soil Testing and Analysis is an important tool for keeping a lawn healthy and vigorous. An annual soil test will indicate the need for liming and addition of other nutrients.

100% Organic Lawn Care Program

The 100% Organic Lawn Care Program will help to improve soil structure and the health and vigor of the turf. The products used include corn gluten meal, fish emulsions, and our own private label compost tea and soy-based fertilizers.

Hybrid Lawn Care Program

The Hybrid Lawn Care Program uses a combination of organic fertilizers and traditional products to achieve a healthy lawn. Pre-emergent crabgrass control, and grub and surface insect control are an integral part of this program.

Traditional Lawn Care Program

The Traditional Lawn Care Program is composed of six applications. Fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass, weed, grub and surface insect controls are applied on a timely basis to achieve optimum results.

Lawn Improvements

  • Annual core aeration which helps to reduce soil compaction and thatch. Water and nutrients then become more available to the grass plants. There will be a noticeable improvement to the lawn color following this process.
  • Overseeding with appropriate turf grass species helps to repair thin or dead areas in the lawn. Slit seeding machines are used to drill the seed into the soil layer.
  • Topdressing with organic compost is most often done in conjunction with the above procedures. The compost increases the organic matter in the soil and provides nutrients and beneficial microbes. It also improves the soil structure, water infiltration, and uneven spots in the lawn.
  • Lime application is indicated when soil pH is low. The majority of lawns in our area will benefit from an annual application of lime. Keeping the pH in the correct range will allow the soil to uptake maximum nutrients.

Pest Control & Plant
Health Services

Tree and Shrub Health Care Program

The Tree and Shrub Health Care Program begins with an on-site survey and consultation to gather information about your location, environment, and history of the areas being considered for treatment. We are looking for diseases and insects that will affect the appearance and health of your prized possessions. A comprehensive treatment plan can be devised for troublesome pests or problems. These programs may include:

  • Organic Foliar Sprays for ground covers, perennials, trees and shrubs. Our compost tea foliar spray works effectively to provide vital nutrients to leaves, buds, and stems. The active beneficial microorganisms applied will help to build a naturally protective barrier against pests and disease.
  • Organic Deep Root Fertilization for trees and shrubs uses compost tea to improve plant vigor and boost plant immunity.
  • Winter Evergreen Protection uses a non-toxic anti-desiccant overcoat that protects broad-leaf and evergreen shrubs from winter burn by slowing evaporation rates by as much as 80%.
100% Organic Tick Control

100% Organic Tick Control uses natural botanical oils to kill and repel ticks throughout the season. Three applications per year are recommended for the best control. As always, each lawn and landscape has a tailor-made program.

Bed Weed Control

Bed Weed Control includes the application of pre-emergent treatments in the Spring, with follow-up post-emergent treatments during the growing season. This strategy discourages weeds from growing in shrub beds, driveways, parking lots, and cracks and crevices in patios and walkways.

Goose Repellent

Goose Repellent is helpful to keep pesky geese from grazing on the lawn. The products used are very effective. Each property has a program that is specific to the pressure from these pests.

Deer Repellent

Deer Repellent will keep animals from browsing on valuable plants. The products used are safe for people, pets, and the planet.


New System Design and Installation

Safe Lawns of Salem has the best irrigation services available in Connecticut. Our watering systems are designed using top of the line Hunter Irrigation products and will be installed when it is most convenient for you. We offer residential and commercial system designs and installation for your lawn and/or plant beds. The new watering systems include sprinkler heads and/or drip irrigation, which will be most beneficial for your lawn care requirements.

Spring Start-Up

Spring start-up inspections are essential for your irrigation systems. Before you begin your watering season, we will take the time to check the pipes, valves, and others parts of your system to see if you need any repairs. Safe Lawns of Salem will make sure you have the appropriate water coverage for your lawn or gardening beds. We take your lawn care needs seriously and will make sure all your irrigation essentials are met!


We will help you prepare your lawn care systems for winter. Winterization occurs at the end of your watering season and is vital to keeping your equipment safe. We can protect your irrigation systems against the harsh Connecticut weather by draining the residual water from various parts of your watering systems.

Troubleshooting and Service Calls

We have the knowledge and ability to solve all of your irrigation problems! Safe Lawns of Salem offers troubleshooting and service calls, made by certified irrigation technicians. We will manage your problems promptly and won’t quit until an issue has been resolved. Your lawns and plant beds are our top priority do not hesitate to contact us.