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Now is the Time for: Fall Lawn Improvements 

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  • Fall is the best time because warm soil temperatures yield quick grass germination, crabgrass and other weeds are nearing the end of their lifecycle and won’t compete with new grass, and there is more reliable moisture available.
  • Core Aeration – Improves the flow of air, water, and nutrients through the soil.
  • Overseeding – Fills in bare spots and improves density of the turf without disturbing the existing lawn.  Introduces new grass species to an existing lawn.
  • Compost Topdressing – Increases organic matter, providing nutrients and beneficial microbes.  Improves soil structure, water infiltration, and uneven spots in the lawn.  Reduces thatch along with watering and winter damage.
  • Lime Application – Keeping the right pH will allow soil to uptake maximum nutrients.



Now is the time for: Adjusting your watering schedule to Reduce Stress

  • During humid weather, and if the nighttime temperatures remain in the 80’s, shift irrigation cycles to later in the morning.
  • Avoid long cycles that cause puddling or ponding of water in low areas.
  • If the turf dies off in spots or irregular patches, discontinue watering and call SafeLawns of Salem for a consultation.
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Now is the Time for: Fall Lawn Improvements and Irrigation 
  • Fall is the best time to perform lawn improvements.  Warm soil temperatures yield quick germination.  Crabgrass and other weeds are nearing the end of their lifecycle and won’t compete with the new grass.
  • New seeding should be watered twice per day, every day.  Water in the morning and late afternoon or evening for best results.
  • More frequent, short duration watering is best for the first 3 to 4 weeks after new seeding; or until the second mowing.
  • Return your system to a “maintenance” program cycle after the second mowing.


Now is the Time for: Winterization  
It’s not too soon to get on the Winterization list.  Call now!
Clients on our maintenance list receive preferred scheduling. Be sure to protect your system from freezing.  Cold weather can damage critical parts of your irrigation system.
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