Safe Lawns of Salem Timely Tips



Now is the time for: Lawn and Garden Insect Control

Keep an eye out for insect pests that can harm your lawn, trees, shrubs, and other plants! A traditional lawn care program will include a preventative insect control application. Organic lawn care customers should report any changes in the appearance of their lawns. Don’t forget to check azaleas and pieris for lacebug, mugo pine for sawfly larvae, and holly and euonymous for scale. Call us for solutions for all insect pest problems.


Now is the time for: Summertime Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Care

All lawn care customers will have their yearly soil test this month.  Lawns are usually not fertilized in the Summer unless they are watered by an irrigation system. It’s OK to skip lawn mowing during hot, dry weather. Resist the temptation to overwater lawns and plants. It is best to water at a time when the grass and foliage will dry off the most quickly as wetness can lead to disease. Call us for solutions and how to get your soil testing and analysis.

Lawn Care Tips from Safe Lawns of Salem

Irrigation Services


Now is the time for: Extra attention for Your Lawn
If you are on a Safe Lawns of Salem lawn care program, there are products being applied that need to be “watered in” for best results. As soon as possible after these applications, run all of the lawn zones manually for a full duration cycle of the program. Immediately following this, return to an automatic program to continue watering according to your normal schedule.



Now is the time for: Relief from Summer Stress
When the temperature is in the 80’s and 90”, run an afternoon “cool down” cycle. In areas of full sun, 10 minutes per zone for an average system is usually sufficient. At this time of year, regular watering should be done in the predawn or early morning. This will reduce the incidence of turf diseases.