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Now is the Time for: Crabgrass Prevention Lawn Care Tips

  • Act now before crabgrass starts to grow!
  • The germination of crabgrass is related to the warming temperature of the soil in the Spring.
  • Lawns with thin or bare spots are more susceptible to developing crabgrass.
  • The application of crabgrass pre-emergent products is very time and temperature sensitive.  They have to be applied at the proper time in order to be effective.
  • Call now for information about organic or traditional methods of crabgrass control.


Now is the Time for: 100% Organic Tick Control

  • Act now before ticks are on the move!
  • Our products are 100% Organic and use natural botanical oils to kill and repel ticks.
  • These natural treatments control all stages of deer and dog ticks.
  • It is important to treat lawns, woodland borders, groundcover plantings, stone walls, and any other areas where ticks may hide.
  • Repeat application can be made as needed.
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Lawn Care Tips from Safe Lawns of Salem
Irrigation Services


Now is the Time for: Scheduling Spring Start Up

  • Plan in advance for the Spring season.
  • Call now to schedule your Spring start up with SLS Irrigation.
  • Clients on our maintenance list receive preferred scheduling.
  • Each start up includes professional diagnostics and repair.  This ensures the proper operation and efficiency of your system.  And peace of mind!


Now is the Time for: Adjusting Your Watering Schedule 

  • Adjustments to the watering schedule are necessary as the weather changes throughout the session
  • When the temperatures are cooler, your sprinkler system should be set to run at approximately 50% of the normal run time. 
  • Lawns needs about 1″ of water per week to stay healthy and vigorous
  • Call SLS Irrigation if you need assistance 
Man watering his Year in Spring - Safe Lawn of Salems Tips