Safe Lawns of Salem Timely Tips



Now is the time for: Moving Effectively

  • Proper mowing technique will promote a healthy lawn and will help to discourage weed growth. 
  • Mow at weekly intervals when the lawn is actively growing.   
  • Mow at a 3” height and use clean, sharp blades. 
  • Returning clippings to the lawn adds nitrogen each time. Nitrogen = Free Fertilizer! 


Now is the Time for:Lawn & Garden Insect Control 

  • Keep an eye out for insect pests that can harm your lawn, trees, shrubs, and other plants! 
  • A traditional lawn care program will include a preventative insect control application. 
  • Organic lawn care customers should report any changes in the appearance of their lawns. 
  • Don’t forget to check azaleas and pieris for lacebug, mugo pine for sawfly larvae, and holly and euonymous for scale. 
  • Call us for solutions for all insect pest problems. 



Lawn Care Tips from Safe Lawns of Salem

Irrigation Services


Now is the time for: Backflow Testing
In Connecticut, the Department of Public Health requires that customers check backflow prevention devices annually. A backflow prevention device should be a part of any well-designed irrigation system. The cost to inspect most backflow prevention devices is about $100, and should be done by a person who is certified by the State.


Now is the Time for : Extra Attention to Your Lawn
If you are on a Safe Lawns of Salem lawn care program, there are products being applied that need to be “watered in” forbest results.As soon as possible after these applications, run all of the lawn zones manually for a full duration cycle of the program. Immediately following this, return to an automatic program to continue watering according to your normal schedule.